Core Values

Our foundational mission is to love, encourage, and disciple people to be functional partakers of the Kingdom of God. Heavens Gate Bible Fellowship was founded on the Biblical principles expressed in Isaiah 28:10:

The ministry’s focus is the restoration of the family and the community by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We exist to encourage, uplift and inspire people to live a life of Holiness, which reflects the image of Christ. We are driven to disciple all people for the intended purpose of transformation. We function to express the love of God to all people, with the anticipation of saving the lost.

Core Values People matter to God, so our mission is to ensure that people always feel valued. Our philosophy is that teaching is for life change, so we practice application of the Scripture. Real Christ-followers grow, so we foster and encourage an environment conducive to Spiritual growth. We believe in growing larger and smaller simultaneously, so we cultivate small, intimate study groups to facilitate learning. God is honored in Excellence, so we value and strive for excellence in all endeavors.